Mendel Notik’s Mortgage Advisory- the Man’s Views


Mendel Notik is one of the veterans of the mortgage industry. He has operated within this industry for many years now, and has helped hundreds of clients find the right package. As a reputable mortgage broker, Notik’s job is double-ended. Not only does he have to manage the requirements of the clients, but Notik also has to keep an eye on the ever-evolving mortgage industry. It’s his job to create a balance between both ends, and to ensure that customers are able to find the right package. Obviously, this is not an easy job. However, over the years, Mendel has had a lot to say about the industry in general.


According to Notik, the strides made by the banking sector, and the credit lending industry in general, is highly positive. He believes that when he started, banks were more geared towards generating profits at the expense of customers. However, with time, that trend has shifted slightly. Today, Notik believes that the industry caters to a larger group of customers. As competition has grown, credit lending institutions have had to relent and have instead begun to offer mortgage packages that are more geared towards extending tangible benefits to the end-consumer.

The Future

Notik believes that the future is quite bright for the mortgage industry. He is extremely satisfied with the way the industry has developed and believes that if the current trend continues, it won’t be long before people start putting more faith in the mortgage sector. Of course, Notik understands that the mortgage industry is one of the main economic markets within the country, and believes that banks and other credit lending institutions need to work hard to ensure that they provide different packages that satisfy the end-customer. The future surely looks bright, according to Mendel!

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